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Welcome to the Home of world leading large-size aftermarket wheel designer and manufacturer- Ace Alloy Wheel. Engineered for performance and built to inspire, our wheels are crafted to fit most luxury import passenger and sport utility vehicles. As you cruise along with us, you can rest assured that Ace puts forth only the best quality wheels from our ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certified factory and nothing beats your set of ACE.

ACE Alloy Wheel was founded in 1996 in Taiwan on a 13,200 m2 lot, with state-of-the-art facilities, which has the capacity of 30,000 pieces a month. In order to meet the large demands of our customers, we have just finished building our new plant in Tai Zhou, China, which sits on a 25 acres lot with in-house chroming facilities. The new plant will start running from the summer of 2003 and will reach its full capacity at the end of 2004. Our mission is to provide our agents, distributors the best quality product with outstanding customer service, to be prominent and to take the lead, to share profits and achievements resulted from the business development with all employees.

Our innovative design team has personnel dedicated to the research of new metals, materials and patterns of wheels as well as production processes and mold design, enabling us to independently develop and produce wheels that are high quality, light weight, attractive, durable and safe. Using modern computerized design system such as CAD, CAM as well as CAE, we create wheels destined to be market leaders.

We utilize the most advanced equipment for casting, CNC machining and painting, controlled and operated by skilled, professional engineers and technicians, following quality production and management system, ensuring that every wheel exceeds world class standards and is a perfect combination of performance and art.

To ensure that every wheel we make stands the test of time, under the worst road conditions, we use the best systems of quality control and quality assurance. There is no job more important. We have a complete complement of the most precise equipment for inspection and measurement and utilize them in a program of strict quality control, guaranteeing our products pass high international standards of verification. Quality you can trust.

Our goal is to produce high quality aluminum wheels to meet the demands of our customers and
the market, and through the power of our corporate teamwork, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Join us on a drive to higher quality, sales and profits.